Experience the WooRee Difference.

In Korean, WooRee means “our” or “together.” Our name communicates our mission to interact with our patients through a holistic lens. We treat our patients as members of our community and an extension of our own chi. That‘s why we work with you to achieve your goals and match you with the right doctor who understands and compliments your chi.

We made it our mission to be a different kind of health provider. One with an unwavering focus on what’s important to our patients:

  • Specialized Doctors – Each acupuncturist specializes in a different method to ensure we have all the tools we need to deliver the right treatment.
  • Collaborative Doctors – When necessary, multiple doctors will treat you at the same time to increase recovery time and efficiency.
  • Private Rooms – Each room is equipped with healing-sound therapy.
  • Clean Garments – Patient gowns and towels are washed through a modern, California OSHA-compliant laundry facility.
  • High-Quality Needles – We use only the finest, disposable needles to increase comfort and ensure the highest level of sanitation.
  • Multiple Methods – Our doctors often provide chiropractic treatments prior to acupuncture at no extra cost. This is delivered when the patient’s body needs to be aligned to reap the benefits of acupuncture. 
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