Measuring and Treating Risk


Genetic tests are gaining popularity as a method to reducing and preventing illnesses. As a result, top genetic research organizations have developed ways to help doctors uncover key risks with only a saliva sample. 

We analyze your DNA for changes in chromosomes, genes or proteins that reveal your risk for certain common illnesses and diseases. After analyzing a saliva sample, we can develop a treatment plan that helps lower your risk of experiencing these illnesses.

With the resources we currently have in the 21st century, diagnostic genetic tests can uncover risk factors such as cardiovascular disease, heart failure, spinal fractures, dementia, cancer, cerebrovascular disease, abdominal visceral obesity, etc. By identifying risk factors, you can be part of a preventative plan to minimize your risk.

Consult with our gene analysis specialist, Dr. Whan P Lee, L.Ac., N.D. , to develop a plan for a healthier, happier living.