Unblocking the Flow of Chi

Photo by George Doyle/Stockbyte / Getty Images

We often provide chiropractic adjustments prior to acupuncture treatments. By aligning your spine correctly, we help ease the flow of chi throughout your body during acupuncture.

A chiropractic adjustment, also known as chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation, or spinal manipulation, is a common therapeutic treatment for lower back pain. A chiropractor manipulates the vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns or fail to function normally. The objective is to reduce the subluxation, with the goals of increasing range of motion, reducing nerve irritability and improving function.

A chiropractic adjustment typically involves:

  • A high velocity, short lever arm thrust applied to a vertebra
  • An accompanying, audible release of gas (joint cavitation) that is caused by the release of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, which releases joint pressure (cavitation).
  • A relieving sensation most of the time, although minor discomfort has been reported (that usually lasts for a short time duration) if the surrounding muscles are in spasm or the patient tenses up during this chiropractic care.